Flushable poop bags

PetBro’s Flush ‘n Gone poop bags

Gone are the days when it was incredibly daunting to get rid of pet waste in the house. Today, thanks to a clean and stink-free solution by PetBro, you can quickly put pet waste in a bag and flush it all away. You’ll no longer have to go outside to get rid of it or leave it inside the trash can.

PetBro’s Flush ‘n Gone poop bags make clean-up quick and easy thanks to their biodegradable properties. They dissolve in a septic system and can form part of your farm’s or garden’s compost. Read on to discover more about poop bags.


Product Overview

PetBro’s Flush ‘n Gone dog poop bags can conveniently keep pet waste smells from your house. With their 1.2-mil thickness, the bags are durable and robust enough to hold poop. When decomposed, they break down to carbon dioxide and water, thus being friendly to the environment. Each roll has ten bags made of PVA material that meets ASTM D6400 standards.


Here are the features of the Flush ‘n Gone Poop Bags:

1. 1.2-Mil Extra Thick Material

The bags contain a 1.2-mil extra thick material that keeps them in shape when filled with pet waste. Unlike bags from other brands, which have a thickness ranging from 0.6 mil to 0.8 mil, PetBro’s flushable dog poop bags are sturdy. You won’t have to worry about leaks or foul scents when using them.

2. Compostable and Biodegradable Bags

PetBro understands that pet owners need to keep the environment clean every time they’re cleaning after their pets. The Flush ‘n Gone bags can easily disintegrate in landfills without polluting natural water sources. If they contained a plastic cover, they would fill up septic tanks or pollute water sources, posing a risk to living creatures.

3. Water Dissolving Properties

Placing dog poop in your trash can may leave your house with a foul smell. A convenient solution to this problem involves using Flush ‘n Gone poop bags, which are soluble in water. Clean up after your dog, place the pet waste in the bag and flush it away in the toilet. The bags are safe for residential septic systems.

It takes less than a minute for the filled bags to go down the drain. Once they reach the septic system, they’ll dissolve into carbon dioxide and water. Their antiseptic properties will prevent bacteria from thriving in the toilet once you flash them away.

Pros & Cons


1. Sturdy Design

Not all poop bags are sturdy enough to hold pet waste and allow you to flush it down the drain. Flush ‘n Gone biodegradable dog poop bags retain their shape when carrying poop. It’s hard for them to break or leak the waste materials.

2. Easy to Flush

It would be frustrating to use a pet poop bag that can’t go down the drain when flushed. You won’t have to worry about this problem when using PetBro’s pet waste bags. The bags feel thick when held by the hands and easily flush like toilet paper without clogging the pipes.

3. Convenient

Before poop bags made their debut in the market, it would take time to clean after your dog. With the Flush ‘n Gone bags, it will take you less than five minutes to collect and dispose of pet waste. The task won’t leave you with stains behind, provided you’re wearing gloves.

You can also wash your hands to get rid of the foul odor and clean the gloves if they’re reusable.

4. Friendly to the Environment

Being a pet owner doesn’t give you the freedom to pollute the environment with pet waste. A biodegradable and compostable solution to disposing of this type of waste is PetBro’s Flush ‘n Gone bags. They quickly decompose without polluting the air and water.


1. Doesn’t Hold Waste for Long

One major problem with PetBro’s Flush ‘n Gone poop bags is that they can’t hold pet waste for extended periods. That’s because they readily absorb moisture from the surroundings. In this case, if you forget to dispose of the bag after filling it with poop, your house will have a foul smell.

2. Not Friendly to Toddlers

Your toddler should never touch the bag when it’s filled with pet waste. In case this situation happens, thoroughly clean your child’s hands to prevent them from licking them and suffering stomach aches. Unless they know how to use the toilet, your children shouldn’t dispose of the bags.


There is no need to carry pet waste and throw it outside of you have a Flush ‘n Gone dog poop bag. Simply place it in the bag and flush it in your toilet. You now have a reason to keep your house clean of dog poop.